Club at MSU teaches you how to quickstep

If you’re a student at Michigan State and a friend asks you to go dancing, we’re pretty sure it wouldn’t be at this location… but maybe it’s exactly the dance floor for a quickstep. It’s the ballroom dance team- a club here at MSU that meets Monday through Thursday, every week, 10 p.m. till midnight. “It’s a good way to wrap up a stressful day,” Taylor Kuminski, a student majoring in animal science, said. Think of it like ‘Dancing with the Stars,’ just after chemistry class.

Remembering the last time MSU beat Duke

Xavier Tillman raised an eyebrow toward his star point guard as a sign to catch the Blue Devil defense off balance. Cassius Winston caught it in stride up the court with no one near him, running the clock out, which signaled Izzo’s second win against Duke in 24 years. However, weeks before the Spartans took the court against the Blue Devils Sunday afternoon one thing entered Kobie Johnson’s mind more than anything else—“Zion, and I obviously thought we got screwed.”

When the NCAA Tournament bracket was announced minutes after Michigan State beat the Michigan Wolverines for another Big Ten Tournament title, some fans said one thing was for sure. They would not and could not be in the Blue Devils’ region, especially with a resume like theirs. MSU did not get so lucky.

East Lansing prepares for Final Four

East Lansing bars and area police have made plans for Saturday night’s Final Four game between Michigan Stat University and Texas Tech. They are asking people to stay celebrate smartly and warning that, if trouble occurs, even bystanders can be subject to arrest.

Gregory Eaton: The man who never misses a Super Bowl

At age 79, Gregory Eaton keeps a very busy schedule. He is an entrepeneur, business owner, and lifelong sports fan. Growing up in Lansing provided him with countless sporting event experiences that led him to where he is today, being a member of the Never Miss a Super Bowl Club.