MSU soccer program leads in international recruits

The Michigan State University soccer program stands as a testament to the global love for the beautiful game. The university’s success in attracting international talent has not only elevated its competitive edge but also fostered a unique cultural exchange that enriches the community. In fact, Michigan has the most international soccer recruits in the region, which has led to partnership academies with top divisions like Liverpool.

Fox, ESPN, Warner Brothers form ‘joint venture’ sports streaming platform

ESPN, Warner Brothers and Fox recently announced plans to consolidate sports streaming into a single platform, set to officially launch in fall of 2024. Plans for this “Joint Venture” are currently vague and in preliminary planning stages, but have major implications for the future of college sports broadcasting, including sports at Michigan State University.

The potential for expanded MSU sports coverage may not only affect college sports fans but also sports broadcast students, one of MSU’s largest undergraduate programs.