Tragedy in a place we call home

On the night of Feb. 13, the lives of thousands of students, parents and employees changed, including mine. Unfortunately, this is the 67th mass shooting to happen in 2023, according to the Gun Violence Archive, but I never thought it would happen at Michigan State University.

Flowers and signs lining the sidewalk in front of the Union.

The Spartan community finds strength and unity following Feb. 13 shooting

Though I could have never imagined the pain and fear inflicted on a campus I love so dearly, Michigan State will be remembered for the amount of strength and compassion we showed during our most difficult moments. 

“I want there to be a strong MSU community forever. I want MSU to always be such a pillar in our state and in the national view,” Pipe said. “I want people to look up to MSU.”

A view from half a mile away

A picture of the inside of my house the morning after the shooting. “That’s a lot of cop cars racing towards downtown. Something really f****ed up must be happening.”

Those were the exact words that I muttered to myself as I watched four cop cars race down Albert St toward downtown East Lansing. I happened to be out at my car as they whizzed past, taking a baggy full of gift cards out of my car so that I could order food. 

I went back inside and forgot about the whole thing for a minute as I scrolled through DoorDash attempting to find the perfect meal. After a few unsuccessful minutes, I decided to step outside and get some fresh air to see if that would help.

Students reflect a month after tragic night in East Lansing

The day I experienced on Feb. 13 is one I will never forget for the rest of my life. I had just returned back to the house I am staying at, sat down to eat when I heard  sirens coming from East Grand River Avenue . At first, I did not think anything of it other than someone getting pulled over.

DeWitt students’ artwork spreads smiles to Spartans

The violence on Michigan State’s campus on Feb. 13 prompted many in the Lansing community to support Michigan State students. “Spartan Strong” posters, signs in store windows, and thousands upon thousands of flowers brightened the usually dreary mid-February campus. The university’s more than 50,000 students realized that there are hundreds of thousands more who care deeply for them, and wanted to express that in even the smallest of ways.

In the Communication Arts and Sciences building on campus, splashes of color in children’s artwork brightened the halls.