Grand Ledge offers space for those who love the outdoors

The logo for Toads (a toad wearing climbing gear) hangs down in front of the downtown Grand Ledge restaurant. The city of Grand Ledge has several beautiful parks and natural areas for people to enjoy. For the residents of Grand Ledge who have wanted to enjoy nature without going out of the city limits, there is now a place that caters to those same residents. City highlights include the Grand River that runs through downtown, Island Park which provides people a place to walk down into the middle of the river and a vibrant climbing scene which takes advantage of numerous beautiful climbing spots. Chris Haman and his family quickly realized that for those who loved the natural parts of Grand Ledge, there was no facility for them to go and hang out.

A view from half a mile away

A picture of the inside of my house the morning after the shooting. “That’s a lot of cop cars racing towards downtown. Something really f****ed up must be happening.”

Those were the exact words that I muttered to myself as I watched four cop cars race down Albert St toward downtown East Lansing. I happened to be out at my car as they whizzed past, taking a baggy full of gift cards out of my car so that I could order food. 

I went back inside and forgot about the whole thing for a minute as I scrolled through DoorDash attempting to find the perfect meal. After a few unsuccessful minutes, I decided to step outside and get some fresh air to see if that would help.

City in a circle with a mortarboard

Lansing schools extend mask mandate

With COVID-19 cases decreasing around the country, some counties are ending their mask mandates. This includes Ingham County, which rescinded a couple pandemic emergency orders. Among them was one that required masks in all K-12 schools throughout the county. 

However, the Lansing Public School District will not be ending its mask mandate. At the Board of Education meeting tonight, the board voted to keep the mask mandate in place until the end of the school year. 

The board kept the mandate after the district COVID coordination team suggested that the mandate be extended. 

The board considered several factors. Despite cases going down around the country, county and city, there is still a massive number of beds being taken up at local hospitals.