Michigan crosswalk safety rules unclear

Capital News Service
LANSING — When a car and a pedestrian meet at a crosswalk, what’s supposed to happen? It’s a safety question that’s left some Michigan communities requesting more signs to remind drivers to yield for pedestrians. But some officials aren’t sure more yield signs will help, or what will. Kirk Steudle, director of the Michigan Department of Transportation, said he’s seen an unusually high amount of requests for the signs in the last year — but he’s not so sure they’re a great idea. The signs could give pedestrians and others crossing the street a false sense of security that could lead to injury, he said.

Road Commission improves safety

By Matthew Pizzo
Ingham County Chronicle staff writer

Many drivers pass road signs everyday and don’t think twice about the planning and placement that keeps roadways as safe as possible. Three roadway safety issues regarding advanced warning signs, position of pedestrian crosswalk signs and shielding of a utility pole in the central isle of the roundabout on Park Lake-Burcham Roundabout were raised by citizen Dennis Hansen, at the Ingham County Board of Commissioners meeting Sept. 24. A senior landscape architect at MSU, Hansen raised the same concerns at the Nov. 13, commissioners’ meeting.