Lyssa Kay Adams’ latest book inspires fans to read more romance

Once a journalist and now a full-time romance novel writer, meet Lyssa Kay Adams. Photo by Julian Stainback. Lyssa Kay Adams wasn’t always into romance novels until she read her first one in the eighth grade. She was inspired to create more romance novels on her own ever since.  

Adams was an award-winning journalist of nearly 20 years who gave up the world of telling true stories to write her own romance novels. 

Some of her novels have gotten nominations by the RWA, or Romance Writers of America, like “Wild in Rio” and “Seventh Inning Heat.” Since then, she has been a full-time writer for romance. 

Her latest book, “The Bromance Book Club,” made its debut at Schuler Books in Okemos on Nov. 6.   

With romance and a little comedy, Adams expects her latest book to give everyone an important lesson to learn.

East Lansing food and books cheaper than national average

 By Max King

Kroger grocery store and Schuler Book Store have products that are cheaper than the national Consumer Price Index average, an investigation shows. This is because Kroger says it puts its savings back into sale prices, to make food products more affordable to consumerist. And although Schuler Book Store has its prices set by publishers, the company says its book prices are lower than competitors throughout the year. Listen to the story.