Lyssa Kay Adams’ latest book inspires fans to read more romance

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Once a journalist and now a full-time romance novel writer, meet Lyssa Kay Adams. Photo by Julian Stainback.

Lyssa Kay Adams wasn’t always into romance novels until she read her first one in the eighth grade. She was inspired to create more romance novels on her own ever since.  

Adams was an award-winning journalist of nearly 20 years who gave up the world of telling true stories to write her own romance novels. 

Some of her novels have gotten nominations by the RWA, or Romance Writers of America, like “Wild in Rio” and “Seventh Inning Heat.” Since then, she has been a full-time writer for romance. 

Her latest book, “The Bromance Book Club,” made its debut at Schuler Books in Okemos on Nov. 6.   

With romance and a little comedy, Adams expects her latest book to give everyone an important lesson to learn. Photo by Julian Stainback.

The book talks about a group of men who have a secret book club in which they read romance novels.

Here is a small snippet from the book: 

The overall goal of her books is to teach her audience the importance of romance books and the purpose they serve today. 

“The overall lesson that I want young people to take from this book is open communication,” Adams said. “I believe that open communication is so important in relationships.”

Before she became a writer, she has been a journalist for the Lansing State Journal and a couple of other magazine outlets in other states. Now, she lives in Michigan.

“I was so used to writing things so quickly. It would make me laugh sometimes when other authors talk about how tight their deadlines were,” Adams said, referring to her journalism career. 

Adams said that her journalism career has really pushed her into fiction writing. She’s used to having people read her work and critiquing it and she now is a better writer because of it. 

About 50 fans and close friends came out to support her at her book signing event. Many are excited to see what new adventures the book will take them through. 

Adams’ book signing was a huge success with an unexpected turnout. Photo by Julian Stainback.

“I am really excited about her new book and it’s going to be a fun weekend,” said Nicole Reum, an MSUFCU employee. Reum also reminisces about reading a bunch of Adams’ book during her bachelorette party. 

“She’s a very talented author. It’s just so great to see her excel in what she does,” said Meika Usher, a friend of Adams. 

“The Bromance Book Club” is now available on the Amazon and Google Books apps, as well as on Audible.

You can check out more about Adams and her books on her website.

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