Watch Focal Point: Mel Tucker becomes the new football coach, New Hampshire Democratic Primaries, Michigan towns apply for make-overs

This week on Focal Point, we’re live from a local flower shop to see how people are sharing the love on Valentine’s Day. Over the weekend, the Lansing Women’s Expo celebrated 20 years with more than 300 attendees. The Lansing Pup House celebrates Valentine’s Day with their pets during speed dating for dogs.  In entertainment, the 92nd Oscar’s had a lot of firsts and Justin Bieber returns from a four-year hiatus with a new album. 

This and more on this episode of Focal Point.

Survey of Ingham County residents suggests that the county may once again vote for the left side of the aisle

By Andrew Merkle
Ingham County Chronicle Staff Reporter

In the first installment of the Ingham County Chronicle’s series on election coverage, we examined Ingham County’s voting history and learned through POLITICO that the county has historically voted for the candidate representing the Democratic Party. Dating back to the 2004 presidential election, the county has voted for the candidate from the Democratic Party in each and every biannual election (six times). After an unscientific polling of 50 Ingham County residents, a majority of them said they are affiliated with the Democratic Party. Thirty-one of the 50 residents surveyed consider themselves to be Democrats compared to just 11 Republicans. Eight residents claim to be independents. The survey consisted of 32 women and 18 men spread across all ages, educational backgrounds and employment statuses.

Ingham County's general election voting history has been a shade of blue for a while now

By Andrew Merkle
Ingham County Chronicle Staff Reporter

A lot can be learned during an election year. After looking at Ingham County’s voting history ahead of the March 8 Michigan primary, one would learn that the county overwhelmingly supports candidates of the Democratic Party. Democratic candidates have won the county in each general election dating back to 2004, according to POLITICO. That’s right. The Republican Party is 0-for-7 in Ingham County going back to President George W. Bush’s reelection in 2004.

Presidential Primary Election Falls in the Middle of MSU Spring Break

By Max Benoit
Entirely East Lansing

The Michigan presidential primary is March 8, but so is Michigan State University’s spring break. Spring break for MSU runs from March 7 to the 11 with the presidential primary falling in the middle. Whether the timing of spring break will significantly impact the presidential primary remains to be seen, but Christian Gray, a 22-year-old senior majoring in political theory believes that the conflicting events will have a negative effect on voting. “A lot of students are going home or going on vacation,” said Gray, who is currently leaning toward Democratic candidate Bernie Sanders. “That’s kind of where their focus is rather than, you know, playing a part as a voter.