Potato plantings potentially poised to push production

Capital News Service
LANSING – With a cool, moist climate and deep, sandy and loamy soils, Michigan has always been a good place to grow potatoes, and the traditional crop is expanding. The latest target may be the Northeastern Lower Peninsula, where suitable soil is available, according to Wayne Wood, the president of Michigan Farm Bureau. Some farmland there has lain dormant for years. “We are opening them up because we have the potato industry growing in Michigan and the land’s soil is productive for potatoes.”

With the development of drought-tolerant technology in crops and Michigan’s fresh-water resources, we may see an expansion of potato acres in northeastern Michigan,” Wood said. Ken Nye, the horticulture specialist at the Farm Bureau said, “These areas have the right soil, climate and water capabilities for potato production.”
Access to water for irrigation is critically important for potato growing, Nye said.