18 year-old runs for Okemos School Board

Thomas Gorman graduated in the spring from Okemos High School. After spending four years there, he knew there were some changes he wanted to see. So, he decided to do something about it. Gorman ran for the Okemos School Board in this election. Not only was this his first time on the ballot, but this was also the first general election he was eligible to vote in.

Meridian Township Board works to revitalize downtown Okemos

Revamped position works to revamp downtown Okemos

The Meridian Township Board announced Amber Clark as the new Director of Neighborhoods and Economic Development during its last meeting on Oct. 5. 

Clark proposed the position be restructured to serve neighborhoods, as most of Okemos and Haslett residents live in suburban areas. Keeping neighborhoods in the loop

As Clark moved into the director position, she told the city manager and team about her plans to reinvigorate the role. “Upon taking the position, I told the team I was interested in drawing in the neighborhoods of such a residential-heavy township,” Clark said. “The core areas looking to develop immediately touch the residents in these neighborhoods, and economic development isn’t just about bringing in new businesses.”

If redevelopment funding is secured, the development team plans to complete demolition and asbestos abatement of buildings on the west side of the community by Dec.

Michigan Budget Cuts: Education Will Likely Be Effected

Budget cuts in education are on the minds of many residents and school district officials lately because of governor Rick Snyder’s recent proposal that would cut $470 per pupil from each school district in the state of Michigan. Economy expert at Michigan State University, Charles Ballard says that the cuts have to come from somewhere and that education got a big boost during the 1990’s. The Okemos school board has anticipated cuts for the past several years, but this year the cuts will be severe. Bob Bullock is the athletic director for Okemos High School and Chippewa Middle School and says that he’s hoping not to have to say goodbye to more programs with these proposed budget cuts. He says that he often deals with concerned parents and everyone is waiting to see what the proposed budget cuts will bring.