Federal court orders big tobacco to tell the truth in new ads

Cigarettes kill 1,200 Americans a day. That’s more people than HIV/AIDS, car crashes and alcohol combined. Michigan State has banned smoking on campus, but the behavior is still common with young people. Now, a new court order might change that. After nearly a decade of court battles, Big Tobacco companies are being forced to pay for ads that tell consumers just how deadly their products are.

New apartments to be built on Grand River Avenue

By Riley James
The Meridian Times Staff Reporter

No later than this spring, Campus Village developers plan to build a new apartment complex on Grand River Avenue in Meridian Township. The actual address where the new complex will be built is 2655 Grand River Ave. According to Greg Schaefer, vice president of operations, the apartments should be available in August of 2017. “We decided to propose this development because we felt there was a need in the market for more housing along the Grand River corridor. With the proposed BRT system along Grand River [Avenue] we feel this is an excellent time to increase density along the corridor by incorporating a mixed-use design with some of the existing retail.

Bad Brewing expands beyond craft beer

By Andrea Raby
Mason Times staff writer

They have been open for only seven months, but now Bad Brewing Company is expanding beyond craft beers into ciders and live entertainment. At the city council meeting on March 18, Brian Rasdale from Bad Brewing was approved for a new small wine maker license and entertainment permit. These permits would give him leave to make and sell alcoholic cider and have small concerts at the microbrewery. “The big thing is, we don’t serve liquor or wine,” Rasdale said. “We feel that if we can have a cider on tap or available we might bring in a clientele that we are not currently bringing in.”

Rasdale said he does not have any interest in making wine, but to make a cider legally, Bad Brewing must have a winemaker’s license.

Smoke Shop Ban

Hanging in the local Hookah lounges Blue Midnight and Six Lounge, has become somewhat of a past time for students and city residents in East Lansing but after much review and debate City Council has voted in favor of a new law that will ban future smoke shops from opening their business in the city. Focal Point’s Cortni Moore brings you the story. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xK92nie22NY&feature=youtu.be

DeWitt approves new marking for crosswalks

By Tiara Marocco
Bath-DeWitt Connection Staff Writer

DeWitt, MI – DeWitt City Council passed a crosswalk striping bid presented at their meeting on October 9, 2012. The current crosswalks have been marked with waterborne paint and during the winter this causes them to fade resulting in the need to be repainted every year, said Daniel Coss, DeWitt city administrator. With winter approaching, the council was recommended “to accept the quote of P.K. Contracting for a no-to-exceed amount of $3,768.41 to install needed cold plastic pavement marking at various locations in the City of DeWitt,” according to the meeting agenda. A new mark

The cold plastics pavement marking tape is a product of 3M™ Stamark™ and is designed to improve road safety. “To have a contractor install the cold plastic crosswalk tape it costs about double of what the waterborne paint marking cost per foot,” said Rich Miller, DeWitt public service supervisor.