Federal court orders big tobacco to tell the truth in new ads

Cigarettes kill 1,200 Americans a day. That’s more people than HIV/AIDS, car crashes and alcohol combined. Michigan State has banned smoking on campus, but the behavior is still common with young people. Now, a new court order might change that. After nearly a decade of court battles, Big Tobacco companies are being forced to pay for ads that tell consumers just how deadly their products are.

Smoke Shop Ban

Hanging in the local Hookah lounges Blue Midnight and Six Lounge, has become somewhat of a past time for students and city residents in East Lansing but after much review and debate City Council has voted in favor of a new law that will ban future smoke shops from opening their business in the city. Focal Point’s Cortni Moore brings you the story. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xK92nie22NY&feature=youtu.be