Bad Brewing expands beyond craft beer

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By Andrea Raby
Mason Times staff writer

They have been open for only seven months, but now Bad Brewing Company is expanding beyond craft beers into ciders and live entertainment.

At the city council meeting on March 18, Brian Rasdale from Bad Brewing was approved for a new small wine maker license and entertainment permit. These permits would give him leave to make and sell alcoholic cider and have small concerts at the microbrewery.

“The big thing is, we don’t serve liquor or wine,” Rasdale said. “We feel that if we can have a cider on tap or available we might bring in a clientele that we are not currently bringing in.”

Rasdale said he does not have any interest in making wine, but to make a cider legally, Bad Brewing must have a winemaker’s license. Rasdale said he decided on cider because it is a mid-ground between beer, hard alcohol and wine.

Music is another way Bad Brewing wants to bring people in to have a drink.

Councilman Marlon Brown said he was concerned about music being played at times that would disturb the city. Rasdale said music would be between 8 p.m. and midnight, and the concerts would be small.

“We’re not looking to be a concert venue by any means,” Rasdale said. “We want anything from one- to three-piece bands, a couple guitars and a small drum set, or folk and indie type music, but nothing hardcore.”

City Clerk Deborah Cwiertniewicz said now that the city has approved Bad Brewing’s proposal, Rasdale must go to the Michigan Liquor Control Commission for final approval. Once the commission approves the licenses, Bad Brewing can begin to make and distribute cider and host live music.

Rasdale said in addition to these licenses, the microbrewery has already had to make other upgrades. The company is getting a bigger brewing system in the hopes of making more beers and adding six more taps.

“We just think that it’s going to bring more people down to Mason and down to Bad Brewing Company because there’s more of a reason to go,” Rasdale said. “The grand scheme of why we’re doing all of this is to grow.”

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