Focal Point Fall 2012 [Show 2]

With elections coming up soon and debates underway, we take a look at how much students care about the 2012 elections. And if they do care, will they choose to vote absentee and how do they decide who to vote for? Students living at St. Anne’s lofts react to the many empty promises from the complex. MSU’s homecoming parade and float building is a great start for a week of Spartan pride as Sparty watch goes underway before the big game against Michigan.

Meningitis outbreak prompts scrutiny of custom-mixed medications

Capital News Service
LANSING – Custom-mixed medicines, like the steroids shots that sparked the recent meningitis outbreak, are under scrutiny. These medicines can be made in private and hospital pharmacies and are used to treat a variety of ailments from bronchitis symptoms to vision loss, said Larry Wagenknecht, chief executive officer of the Michigan Pharmacists Association. “This type of mixing happens every day, every minute, in hospitals, and as long as all precautions of sterilization take place, no one should worry,” Wagenknecht said. Custom drugs must go through many sterilization processes, he said. “Sterilization is a key component when mixing drugs and shipping them.