Strange Matter Coffee comes to East Lansing

Popular, local coffee chain Strange Matter fills the space left by Biggby at the MSU Student Union. 

“I’m excited to have another non-MSU food option at the Union,” said Grace Densham, an MSU undergraduate. “I’m especially pleased with the fact that it is a small, local business. It was really sad to see Biggby go and be replaced by vending machines for so long.”

Strange Matter owner Cara Nader, understands the difference small businesses can make. “We are small, but very efficient at what we do,” she said. “I can’t speak to other coffee shops in town, but we pay a livable wage.

High-end pizza? Get it at Locale 90 in the South Bay

Redondo Beach, Calif. — Pizza is a favorite of many communities, be it deep dish Chicago style or New York City thin crust. Locale 90 provides one-of-a-kind pizza, for the community of Redondo Beach. Locale 90 is a family owned pizza restaurant in Riviera Village, a strip of businesses offering shopping and dining. According to the mission statement offered on its website, a group of brothers and their wives came together to open the establishment with the mission of selling gourmet pizza and being a prominent force in their community.

141 Design Company welcomes Christmas fun at Ho Ho Ho Workshop

Beginning Nov. 7 and going through the month of December, 141 Design Company in Williamston is spreading the Christmas cheer with crafty customers from all over Michigan with the Ho Ho Ho Christmas Workshop. 

The decorative piece, made of wood crafted at the in-building woodshop by co-owner Brian Deimling, interchanges seasonal colors on Santa’s greeting. With the O’s customized to look like his jolly outfit, Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer and a snowman resembling Frosty. Though this workshop is the first Christmas-themed one of the season, 141 Design Company has been holding other workshops all year, with customers painting designs like clocks, welcome signs and magnetic boards; all made by Deimling in his woodshop. 

141 Design Company’s Ho Ho Ho Christmas Workshop features this wood design crafted by owner and woodworker, Brian Deimling. Photo by Claire Heise.

If you want to find all the cops, they’re buying all the doughnut shops

Capital News Service
LANSING — What started as a simple rescue mission for nine Clare police officers has turned into breakout business success. The nine officers, who made up Clare’s entire police force, learned that a longtime bakery and doughnut shop in their hometown was about to close. So they joined forces and bought the business in 2009. Today it is called Cops & Doughnuts and is drawing customers from all over the world. The company also has rolled out other shops, called “precincts,” in Ludington, Gaylord, Bay City and South Bend, Indiana.