Proposal would increase juror pay rates

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LANSING – Michigan jurors would soon receive their first pay increase since 2003 if a bill on compensation passes, a representative said. Rep. Peter Lucido, R-Shelby Township, introduced a bill last year that would increase juror compensation by  $5 per full day and $2.50 per half day. They currently make $25 for a full day and $12.50 for a half day on the first day, then $40 and $20, respectively, on subsequent days. “Jurors aren’t even making enough to pay for their parking,” Lucido said. “When you look at the economics of it, it’s just not fair.

Focal Point Spring 2014 [Show 2]

A new bill proposed may give unpaid interns in Michigan the same protections as other paid employees. MSU President Lou Anna K. Simon gave her annual State of the University address, giving some students reason to speak out against the administration. And, a suspect has been arrested in connection to the death of MSU student Dominique Nolff. Focal Point is an Emmy awarding winning, student produced newscast from the School of Journalism at Michigan State University.

Summoned for duty? Computers may be option

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LANSING — Jury selection might become slightly less tedious for jurors and some courts thanks to a change in rules by the Michigan Supreme Court. The recent amendment allows personal history jury questionnaires to be completed, returned and maintained electronically, effective May 1. Previously court rule stated the questionnaire had to be completed in handwriting by the prospective juror. Paper is still permitted. Personal history questionnaires are used to select jurors for a specific trial while qualification questionnaires are initially sent to determine eligibility to act as a juror, said Marcia McBrien, Michigan Supreme Court public information officer.