Feeling the squeeze-more Manhattan natives moving to NYC’s boroughs

NEW YORK — As more people move into a city, population, housing and overall living expenses seem to go one way—up. Manhattan is no different. People move in, prices increase, and those who have lived in a neighborhood their entire life may find that they can no longer afford it, said Nicole Gelinas a Senior Fellow at the Manhattan Institute, a local based think tank, and an expert in state and local fiscal policy, along with public transportation and infrastructure. The cost of living has changed significantly over several different time periods, and for different reasons she said. “Since the financial crisis, so we’ll say since 2008, the sales market has certainly increased markedly in prices,” Gelinas said.

MSU Increases Room and Board

Michigan State University explains why they decided to raise room and board rates by 3.9 percent for the 2013-2014 school year. What Kathy Collins, CLSRL Director, says is the university’s lowest increase in thirteen years will go towards debt costs and future improvements on campus. Focal Point’s Cortni Moore has the story.