Greater Lansing Records Biggest Snowfall in 22 Years, See How Students Spent the Day.

EAST LANSING – Wednesday, February 2nd turned out to be the snowiest February day in Mid-Michigan in 22 years. Some spots in East Lansing got 16 inches. The storm made driving at night treacherous. It seemed like a snowball fight got a little more traction, whether they enjoyed it, or not. “Anyways, we regret being out here,” said MSU Freshman Anna Zacharski.

Dublin Square’s BIG Comeback

Rumors of Dublin Square’s closing and comeback have been swirling around East Lansing. Where will it come back, how will it come back? Ruta Ulcinaite has updates on everything you need to know about this East Lansing staple and the development project that is sure to shake up East Lansing.

Michigan educators react to DeVos nomination

DeVos Place hosted the Michigan Music Conference, an annual event bringing together the state’s music educators – many of whom have not rallied behind new Secretary of Education, Betsy DeVos, who’s namesake adorns the venue. The Michigan billionaire was confirmed in the Senate in a 51-50 decision, the win decided by a tie-breaking vote from Vice President Mike Pence. DeVos advocates for school-choice and using vouchers to pay for private schools. But her opponents dislike her lack of education experience. “You have to be working with the kids day by day to understand what it is we do,” said Farmington High School choir director, Angel Gippert.