Greater Lansing Records Biggest Snowfall in 22 Years, See How Students Spent the Day.

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Brian Goldsmith/Focal Point News

EAST LANSING – Wednesday, February 2nd turned out to be the snowiest February day in Mid-Michigan in 22 years.

Some spots in East Lansing got 16 inches. The storm made driving at night treacherous. It seemed like a snowball fight got a little more traction, whether they enjoyed it, or not.

“Anyways, we regret being out here,” said MSU Freshman Anna Zacharski.

The National Weather Service said to expect 8-12 inches of snow. If you got a chance to step outside you would see that the the snow was up to the ankles of some people.

Some are clearing up the mess, and for some ‘fun’ means helping others.

“We’re clearing driveways, we’re clearing people’s walkways,” said UniServices Founder Adam Green.

One scoop at a time. Green heads a student organization and business at MSU called UniServices USA. He likes giving back in a time of need. He’s also making some money for college.

Even when that need has four legs. That’s right! “We were clearing off an area for their dog to go to the bathroom outside,” said Green.

But there’s more to the business, “It’s important that students can come over and help clients like this,” said Green. “Some clients are less able. They have disabilities and it’s hard for them to shovel the snow.” 

For students looking to join UniServices USA or people looking to request services you can reach them at, send a direct message on Instagram @uniservicesusa or call 810-922-6621.

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