Mackerel Sky helps customers find art as unique as its name

East Lansing has a unique art gallery store that’s been around for 30 years. The Mackerel Sky is more than a catchy name, though; it’s also a long story. A mackerel sky is a cloud formation that sailors talk about. It’s well-known on the coasts, and it looks like the scales on a mackerel fish. To sailors, it means a great change in atmosphere pressure is coming, which means a big shift is coming.

East Lansing passes ordinance supporting public art

By Chris Hauler
Entirely East Lansing

The City Council passed an ordinance that helps further East Lansing’s reputation as a city dedicated to arts and culture. The ordinance, which passed 3-1, requires that 1 percent of the cost of both private and city construction be used for public art. According to city attorney Thomas Yeadon, the ordinance will not apply to plans that have already been approved. “Once the effective date is established, any project seeking site plan approval that has not already submitted its request will be required to comply with this,” said Yeadon. “Site approval is when you have to show staff how you are meeting the percent for art requirement.”

Art with private developments would be capped at $25,000.