Lawmakers propose tuition help for Michigan National Guard

Capital News Service
LANSING — Members of the Michigan National Guard could get $4,500 in tuition assistance under a bill recently introduced by legislators. It would set up a program where members could apply for help towards a college degree or vocational training, said Rep. Bruce Rendon, R-Lake City, who sponsored the bill. It’s an attempt to raise the state from the bottom ranks of those offering assistance to veterans, Rendon said. “To qualify, one would have to have a service contract with the Michigan National Guard where they have committed to a six-year contract at some point in their career,” said Brig. Gen. Mike Stone of the Michigan National Guard.

Grand Ledge Teachers Reach Tentative Contract

Omar Powell
Grand Ledge Gazette Writer                                                                                                                                                                                                            In early November, Grand Ledge teachers reached a tentative agreement as part of an attempt to settle the teachers’ contract situation in Grand Ledge. Parents of the Grand Ledge community and members of other institutions and establishments weigh in on the state of education in Michigan. In October, several Grand Ledge teachers stood in front of the GLPS Board of Education fighting, pleading, and imploring the Board to reconsider removing “steps” from their contracts. Steps are  negotiated incremental pay increases  in the union contract based on teacher performance, years of experience and educational levels. The possible elimination of steps was a major stumbling block in the negotiations between the teachers and the school district.

Contract Award for Dean Transportation

Contract Award for Dean Transportation
          The Ingham Intermediate School District discussed their selection for a contractor for the general education pupil transportation during their monthly meeting on Tuesday night. A power point presentation was given by Helen McNamara discussing the winner, Dean Transportation. Dean was head and shoulders above the other two applicants (First Student and M.I.T.S.) for this award, in McNamara’s view.       Unlike those applicants, Dean Transportation,

      “provided the whole package with training and benefits,” said McNamara. “The other (applicants) had the benefits as add-on costs,” she added.

More Background on the Contract Award

 Corey Weathers (A39949608)

There is a list of recommendations in the Contract Award for the General Education Pupil Transportation and Transportation Fleet Maintenance Services award. These four recommendations were included in the agenda from Tuesday’s meeting. 1)      The recipient of the contract award goes to Dean Transportation

2)      The I.S.D. superintendent will work with the governing committee of this contract to finalize the negotiations behind the deal with Dean Transportation. 3)      The authorization for the I.S.D. superintendent to execute this contract. 4)      The authorization for the I.S.D. superintendent to execute a vehicle lease agreement with Dean Transportation, if needed.