More Background on the Contract Award

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 Corey Weathers (A39949608)

There is a list of recommendations in the Contract Award for the General Education Pupil Transportation and Transportation Fleet Maintenance Services award. These four recommendations were included in the agenda from Tuesday’s meeting.

1)      The recipient of the contract award goes to Dean Transportation

2)      The I.S.D. superintendent will work with the governing committee of this contract to finalize the negotiations behind the deal with Dean Transportation.

3)      The authorization for the I.S.D. superintendent to execute this contract.

4)      The authorization for the I.S.D. superintendent to execute a vehicle lease agreement with Dean Transportation, if needed.

The actions to award this contract to Dean Transportation took place at the Board of Education meeting at the Ingham Intermediate School District. This occurred on Tuesday, July 19 at the 6:30P.M., meeting in Mason, Michigan.

One note from the meeting that I did not include in my story was what I considered a pretty neat occurrence Tuesday night. The I.S.D. superintendent, Stan Kogut complimented Helen McNamara, whom was behind the negotiations with Dean for this contract, on her efforts.

            He told her, “you did a phenomenal job at facilitating the meetings; you were clever and had a good understanding of what the locals wanted.”

            NOTE: For my next story, I will be attending a meeting in Meridian Township on Monday night, July 25 at 7p.m. This will be a meeting of the planning commission. I will look for a story from that meeting and include the interviews with the members of that commission for my next story and will give some other background information from that meeting in my next blog.

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