It’s a good day to celebrate something, anything, everything

Capital News Service
LANSING – Michiganders had a lot to celebrate and remember in 2013 – things like Wrestling Month and Flower Planting Day. In fact, during 2013 only about 23 days in December weren’t covered by a special designation from the House of Representatives or Senate. Other special times included Autism Awareness Day, Frisbee Day, International Talk Like a Pirate Day, Pumpkin and Pumpkin Spice Season, Professional Pest Management Month and High School Radio Day. But critics aren’t feeling festive about unique resolutions. Advocates of a part-time legislature say it shows that lawmakers have too much time on their hands.

Local MLK Commemorative March Pushes Forward

On Martin Luther King Day the Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity led its annual commemorative march in honor of Dr. King. Dr. Lee June,the commemorative speaker of this year’s event, reverberates words of empowerment through frosty February winds.  He explains the importance of the tradition and how work still needs to be done.  Dr. King’s fight for complete equality continues to this day. Marches are used to symbolize progress until finally reaching a desired goal.