Students react to MSU canceling in-person classes for fall

Students respond to MSU canceling in-person classes less than two weeks before classes start and undergraduates move on-campus. Jay Gooden wants better communication from Michigan State University and its staff when informing students of changes due to COVID-19. Gooden, 22, Spartan Remix co-director at Michigan State University, said he is worried about his lack of drive, lack of being able to be social and most of all, not receiving the full experience of acting with in-person class. MSU planned on resuming in-person classes for undergraduates when the semester starts Sept. 2 but reversed their decision Tuesday and moved most classes entirely online.

Marijuana Alternative Bill

Marijuana alternatives are already illegal in several states. But they are legal in Michigan. According to a survey, 45 percent of American adolescents by the age of 20 have tried marijuana, or its alternatives. Scientific data has not proven whether the alternatives are harmful or not. Some Michigan lawmakers are trying to pull the alternatives off the shelves.