MSU Bike Share

As bike clutter worsens around campus, ASMSU says they have a fix. “The idea is: create a bike sharing community,” said ASMSU VP for Finance and Operations, Mike Mozina. With nearly 50,000 students enrolled at MSU, bike racks are overflowing. ASMSU wants to implement a program where students could pay for shared bikes when they need to get around campus. Students could either rent bikes at $1 per hour or buy a year-long membership for $50.

Plans for a Bike Share Program in Lansing

By Hélène Dryden
Lansing Star staff writer

Lansing is joining a movement establishing itself in cities across the globe encouraging people to explore their cities on two wheels by creating a community bike share program. About a year ago, bicycling advocates from groups such as the Tri-County Bicycle Association,  Mid-Michigan Environmental Action Council and the League of Michigan Bicyclists, began meeting to plan what is now coined the Capital Community Bikeshare. The concept is to provide quick access to bike transportation to replace trips in cars. The model proposed for Lansing is being borrowed from Washington D.C., Minneapolis, Denver and other cities across the U.S. and the world. In this model, there would be multiple automated kiosks in locations throughout Lansing.