MSU Bike Share

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As bike clutter worsens around campus, ASMSU says they have a fix.

“The idea is: create a bike sharing community,” said ASMSU VP for Finance and Operations, Mike Mozina.

With nearly 50,000 students enrolled at MSU, bike racks are overflowing. ASMSU wants to implement a program where students could pay for shared bikes when they need to get around campus. Students could either rent bikes at $1 per hour or buy a year-long membership for $50.

“That’d be a good price,” said MSU student Jacob Webb. ” I have a friend who spent ninety on his bike  this school year alone.”

But the program is not approved yet. ASMSU’s initial plan would be to purchase forty bikes, which could be parked at a number of different bike share locations around campus. Some students are upset about the cost of the program, which would be around $60,000.

“It seems like a lot of money,” said MSU student Michelle Rizor. “I’ve seen bike share programs in Boston and New York City, and they seem like a good idea, but I don’t think they’ll fit for MSU’s campus.”

But if availability does become an issue, Mozina and ASMSU plan to expand the program.

“It’s not a high number of bikes now, but we definitely see it expanding to, say, a couple hundred bikes to really meet our student population and our student need,” Mozina said.

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