Fenton’s Cause and Affect Gallery seeks to have an ‘affect in the greater community’

The gallery hallway is lined with tiny canvases, some splotches of paint and some with animals, little figures and one with a cigarette sticking out of it. 

“This is our community wall,” said Annie Anglim, Cause and Affect Gallery owner. “Everyone that comes in is able to do a painting to add to the wall.”

Cause and Affect Gallery, located in downtown Fenton, the gallery’s purpose is to “take various causes” and have an “affect in the greater community.” The gallery which has been opened for over four years and combines art and purpose within the community. 

The gallery was originally created to open to accommodate a friend who wanted to learn silversmithing from Anglim but was in a motorized wheelchair with multiple sclerosis. Anglim sought out a gallery in which she could “accommodate people with different needs.”

“It took me a while to be able to find space that would work,” said Anglim. “ Once I did, I stumbled on this location. I wasn’t prepared to do anything else…but I walked in here and I saw the possibilities.” 

Anglim’s gallery was created to have an effect on the community.

Artist prints native plants on invasive species

Capital News Service
LANSING — An East Lansing artist prints the shadows of endangered plants on handmade paper crafted from the invasive plants that threaten them. “I had been experimenting with shadows,” Jane Kramer said, explaining the project she calls “Foreshadowing- Endangered and Threatened Plant Species.”

When she was selected as one of four Michigan artists to present their work for the 2014 Art from the Lakes art exchange program in Shiga, Japan, Kramer found an incentive to get serious about her shadow hunting. The others chosen for the Japanese exchange were woodblock print artist Linda Beeman of Owosso, fiber artist Martha Liddle-Lamenti of Owosso and pastels artist Thomas Tomasek of Ovid. In her work, Kramer transfers the shadows of endangered and threatened plants onto paper constructed from invasive plant pulp. Making the paper isn’t an easy task and is especially hard on her blender.