One teen’s passion for developing apps

Hussein El Feky first became interested in programming when he was 13. What started out as a passion for building things, ended up developing into a love for program and application building. “At that point, I only learned a lot of basic concepts from random articles on the internet,” he said. Two years later, El Feky, of Cairo, Egypt, caught “the programming bug” and started getting serious about building phone apps, specifically for Android. “My first phone was an Android device, and I can easily say I fell in love with the operating system,” he said.

New apps wow state officials

Capital News Service
LANSING – A team of software engineers from Grand Rapids won the state’s second web application design contest with an app to keep drivers up to the second on snow removal conditions. The SnowFi app would tell drivers where snowplows are and what roads are clear to drive. To be most effective, it would have to be updated every five seconds, said Eric Buehler, a member of the winning team. Josh Hulst and Ryan Graffy were his team members. The three will share $5,000 in prize money for developing the best app at the Newaygo contest site plus $10,000 for being the best overall.