Chorale students adjust to practicing during pandemic

If you drive into a parking ramp, you might expect to here a few things; footsteps echoing or a car engine whirring to life. But one thing you wouldn’t expect to hear, is singing. The University Chorale, made up of 15 graduate students, went from practicing in a classroom to a concrete structure known as the Kellogg Center parking ramp. This outdoor structure was the perfect acoustic and socially distanced space choir director David Rayl could think of. And the members of the choir also found it suitable as long as they could sing again.

#ENDSARS seeks to end police brutality in Nigeria

Nigeria is experiencing police brutality and the youth are doing something about it. The movement is called #ENDSARS. It is similar to Black Lives Matter in the United States. SARS stands for Special Anti Robbery Squad, a special police force facing criticism in Nigeria for abuse of power. Focal Point’s Shade Moore met with MSU computer engineering major who’s from Nigeria, Tim Nwanze, to learn more about the movement.

East Lansing restaurants return to take-out only

With COVID-19 cases growing, the Michigan Department of Health and Human Services released updated guidelines that require restaurants to switch from dine-in to carry-out only. MDHHS says they “will continue to closely monitor the spread of COVID-19 and impacts on our hospitals and health infrastructure to determine if additional measures are necessary.”

Planning Commission approves bank proposal

The Meridian Township Planning Commission discussed plans for a new bank that if approved for rezoning will be located at the Meridian Mall in front of Macy’s. The proposal states the building will encompass 2,500 square feet, feature two drive-thru tellers and one ATM lane. The bank will also include 25 parking spots and two access driveways that will connect to the southside of Mall Drive. Construction will begin in 2021. 

The proposed location at 1982 Grand River Ave. Okemos, Michigan.

East Lansing Police adjusting to challenging year

Police are under pressure this election year from calls that they be defunded, for training reforms and the challenge of COVID-19 on a major college campus.

Even so, East Lansing Deputy Police Chief Steve Gonzalez said he is optimistic.

Gonzalez said shifts in law enforcement policies often come with elections. He said it remains to be seen how the election will affect the department.

Gonzalez said that Obama implemented the 21st century policing model, which focused on the community level.

Michigan State swim team speaks out on being cut

With a great athletic financial crisis, Michigan State’s athletic department spent months finding a way to limit the budget loss. Michigan State’s Athletic Director, Bill Beekman, had heartbreaking news to give those on the Michigan State’s swim and dive team. “My initial reaction in that room at 4’oclock was this feeling of paralysis,” sophomore Travis Nitkiewicc said. “A lot of people got angry immediately. For me, it was a numb reaction,” senior Elise Tuke said.

Campaign volunteer spends election day thanking people for voting

While many voted early or voted by mail this year, the polls were open in-person voters. Voters who went to the Hannah Community Center were greeted by a passionate campaign volunteer. Alan Shulman is a senior international relations student at Michigan State. He at the community center from 9 a.m. until 7 p.m. thanking people for voting and encouraging them to support Democratic candidates including Joe Biden, Gary Peters and Elissa Slotkin. “If people care about proper representation, they have to go and make their voices heard on the issues they care about,” Shulman said.