Mackerel Sky helps customers find art as unique as its name

East Lansing has a unique art gallery store that’s been around for 30 years. The Mackerel Sky is more than a catchy name, though; it’s also a long story. A mackerel sky is a cloud formation that sailors talk about. It’s well-known on the coasts, and it looks like the scales on a mackerel fish. To sailors, it means a great change in atmosphere pressure is coming, which means a big shift is coming.

Remembering the soldiers of Mackinac Island

By Eric Freedman

Mackinac Island bustles nowadays with 850,000 to a million visitors each year. But for British and American soldiers stationed there, the strategic but remote outpost could be a place of loneliness, spectacular beauty, harsh discipline, even death. Of course, the island’s history far predates the arrival of European fur traders and military occupation. Archeologists have discovered prehistoric fishing camps, and Native American legends tell how the Great Spirit, Git-chi Man-i-tou, created the island. In 1695, French explorer Antoine de la Mothe Cadillac wrote to a government minister about his ability to defend what New France called Michilimackinac Island: “It is important that you be informed in case you are not, that this village is one of the strongest that there is in all of Canada.

Schools of choice: Change & challenge

It’s been about two decades since Michigan adopted Schools of Choice. The program is one of several responses to funding and quality issues. See how Schools of Choice decisions are made in Ingham County, and how choices over 20 years have affected the county’s 12 public school districts.

The benefits of summer camps for kids

School is out and the children are free, but parents still have to go to work. Keeping your kids busy doesn’t have to be stressful. Camps that offer activities like field trips, sports and art classes are a great way to keep your child occupied this summer. Becky Raden, coordinator at Pinckney Pirate Camp, says that getting your child involved in a summer camp can be a great opportunity for them. “Our goal is that the kids stay active, are having fun and are well supervised because this is their summer vacation,” Raden said.

Who’s teaching our kids about Independence Day?

Next week, the country will celebrate Independence Day. The day is usually filled with lots of red, white and blue shirts, small waving flags and spectacular fireworks, but is the meaning of the day still known and appreciated? A study by the American National Election Studies showed that the level of patriotism in the United States has in fact gone down, most commonly in millennials. Some believe this trend is because of social institutions, however, others believe the decline in American patriotism is because of our education system. Debbie Loukotka, an elementary school teacher who is known for taking her American pride seriously, says that teaching patriotism is more by choice.

The end of the year for an elementary school teacher: a picture story

The end of the school year brings a lot of emotions for any age student. For students, there are feelings of excitement because summer is just around the corner, and feelings of sadness because they are going to miss their favorite teacher. Teachers also have a lot of the same emotions; excitement because summer is just around the corner and feelings of sadness because they’re going to miss their favorite students. Mrs. Golin, a third-grade teacher at Farley Hill Elementary School, said she is one of those teachers. This picture story shows a glimpse of what it’s like as an elementary school teacher on the final days of the year.

When locals speak: Top-rated restaurants in Lansing and what makes them finger-licking good

Between Google reviews, Trip Advisor, Yelp and more, it’s not hard to find out what people think about restaurants in the area, but if you ever find yourself wondering what’s good to eat in the Capitol City, a word from the locals might just help. Here, we explore four Lansing-based restaurants with 4.6 stars or higher on Google reviews to find out what makes people keep coming back for more. The restaurants include Naing Myanmar Family Restaurant, Meat BBQ, El Oasis, and Soup Spoon Cafe. See the images below to find out more about the restaurants and read what restaurant-goers had to say about them.

5 things to do in downtown Detroit

There are many renovations coming to Downtown Detroit. It’s almost becoming a tourist city. Since the NBA decided to move the Pistons to downtown Detroit have been

Now all three of the sports teams are located in Downtown Detroit. There is going to be constant traffic and people Downtown. There are many new features in Detroit a lot of people that’s not from Detroit or never been to Detroit don’t know much about.

boy reading math book

Misconceptions of education, part two: homeschooling

Our education system has a large variety of ideas and practices. Some parents choose to send their children to public schools, some choose private or charter schools, while some parents choose to home school. This is part two of the ‘Misconceptions’ series, chronicling differences in our education system. If you would like to read part one, click here “Misconceptions of Public Schools.” Misconceptions of homeschooling
Sandra Datema and Telly Ryan are two mothers who chose to home-school their children.