Environmental Commission talks road preservation

They are scattered everywhere and hiding around the next corner or under a layer of snow. Potholes are invading Meridian roads, waiting for cars to feel their magnitude.  

Last Wednesday, Feb. 6, the Environmental Commission talked about preserving roads to prevent more potholes from swallowing car tires. The commission invited Karim Chatti, a professor of civil and environmental engineering at Michigan State University, to talk pavement preservation for the board’s Green theme.

The Year of the Boar is no bore in Meridian Township

As the Meridian Mall at 1982 W. Grand River Ave. cleared out at closing time, the sound system stopped playing pop hits. After a deafening moment of silence, the sounds from instruments rose clumsily into the air. It stuttered at first. Performers of the Lansing Chinese Christian Youth Orchestra were warming up their instruments.

Gun issues find way into 2018 races

Guns have been a hot topic of discussions in several recent election cycles. As the 2018 election winds down, here’s a rundown of what some candidates in the hotly contested governor and 8th congressional district races have been saying about gun rights and gun control in Michigan.

East Lansing’s Great Pumpkin Walk brings out treats and smiles

The annual Great Pumpkin Walk took place Tuesday in East Lansing. Families with costumed children from babies to teens went door-to-door to collect candy from local businesses. More than 50 merchants participated in the free two-hour event. As part of the Great Pumpkin Walk, some businesses tried to go beyond the typical trick-or-treating. The Wild Goose Inn held its annual “Land of Oz” and decorated the entire outside of the building with a Wizard of Oz theme. This event leads up to the real night of trick-or-treating in the downtown residential neighborhoods, which will take place 6-8 p.m. on Wednesday, Oct. 31.