Rep. John Fizgerald, D-Wyoming

Legislation would require state-funded defibrillators at high school athletic events

DEFIBRILLATORS: Pending legislation would require all public and charter schools to have cardiac emergency plans and all coaching staff to be trained to use computerized defibrillators called automated external defibrillators, or AEDs. A Detroit high school basketball player died of cardiac arrest. Sponsors include lawmakers from Detroit and Wyoming. Supporters include the Michigan High School Athletic Association, Detroit Lions, state Education Department and Michigan State Medical Society. For news and sports sections. By Sophia Ceru. FOR DETROIT, GREENVILLE, WKTV AND ALL POINTS.

Izzo continues MSU’s basketball legacy

Michigan State University has always been a huge center for sports but it was first known primarily as a football school, winning six national titles between 1951 and 1966. It wasn’t until Magic Johnson led the Spartans to their first basketball national championship in 1979 that they began getting recognition for their basketball program. Once Tom Izzo became head coach of the basketball program in 1995 and led the Spartans to their second national championship in 2000, the Spartans would be put on the map as a basketball school.

PREVIEW: Michigan State gearing up for an opportunity to win first Big Ten conference championship

When Adam Nightingale was announced as the head coach of Michigan State hockey, there were always high hopes. However, this was a team that would be rebuilding itself and its identity. Now, 22 months later, the recently announced Big Ten Coach of the Year and his squad prepare to face off in the Big Ten Championship against none other than the Michigan Wolverines.