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$6.6 million in water fees headed back to East Lansing taxpayers

Some East Lansing residents could see $6.6 million coming back to them if they are a Lansing Board of Water and Light customers, after the City of East Lansing lost a class-action lawsuit. In 2017, BWL started collecting a 5% franchise fee from all East Lansing customers and passing that on to the city. A fee that brings the city around $1.4 million a year. 

In April 2020, Jim Heos, an East Lansing resident sued the city for the fees saying, they were unlawful taxes. 

BWL serves 89% of the city. The money goes into the city’s general fund. Meaning that money also helps people who aren’t paying for it.

Hand of man pumping gas

Gas prices still on the rise

While gas prices continue to rise, East Lansing residents are looking for new ways to get where they need to go. Michigan State student Bradley Cholette talks about how the rise in gas prices has impacted him. Cholette also speaks about different ways people can handle the growing price of fuel.

CATA restrictions force students to find new ways to class

Zac SlowikAn MSU student walking up to a CATA bus that is not in service. Capital Area Transportation Authority buses are still running under restrictions causing some Michigan State students to change the way they travel through campus. Junior Jamie Poignon said, “I normally drive because I live off-campus, but since the buses got messed up, it is very hard to get to class on time with all of the traffic. Now I have to leave much earlier or walk.”

Junior Matteo Zakolski also had to change the way he gets  to and from class, “I used to take the bus, but the busses are slower and not reliable anymore so now I walk.”

With the transportation problems, the university has extended free parking at pay station lots until March 13.  Even this is giving students issues. 

Junior Ava Rivard said, “I appreciate MSU trying to accommodate with free parking, but the traffic has been so heavy on campus it is hard to even find a spot.”

CATA is hoping to be back to full staff and have the issue resolved by early March. Zakolski said, “I hope the CATA buses can get back to running on a normal schedule.

East Lansing extends snow emergency into Friday

The City of East Lansing has declared a snow emergency for storms headed toward mid-Michigan.

Originally the snow emergence was set to begin at 6 a.m. on Wednesday, Feb. 2, and last to 10 p.m. Thursday, Feb. 3. Since the original announcement, the time has now been extended to 6 a.m. Friday, Feb. 4.