CATA restrictions force students to find new ways to class

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Zac Slowik

An MSU student walking up to a CATA bus that is not in service.

Capital Area Transportation Authority buses are still running under restrictions causing some Michigan State students to change the way they travel through campus.

Junior Jamie Poignon said, “I normally drive because I live off-campus, but since the buses got messed up, it is very hard to get to class on time with all of the traffic. Now I have to leave much earlier or walk.”

Junior Matteo Zakolski also had to change the way he gets  to and from class, “I used to take the bus, but the busses are slower and not reliable anymore so now I walk.”

With the transportation problems, the university has extended free parking at pay station lots until March 13.  Even this is giving students issues. 

Junior Ava Rivard said, “I appreciate MSU trying to accommodate with free parking, but the traffic has been so heavy on campus it is hard to even find a spot.”

CATA is hoping to be back to full staff and have the issue resolved by early March.

Zakolski said, “I hope the CATA buses can get back to running on a normal schedule. I would normally just ride my bike to class, but when it is cold outside I rely on the buses.”.

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