As polystyrene products threaten the environment, organizations fight back

Environmental groups are pushing government and business to curb the use of polystyrene containers, such as foam containers for takeout food. Concerns include adverse impacts on Great Lakes fish and wildlife that consume the bits of plastic. An Ann Arbor lawmaker is drafting a bill to ban them. We talk to the Michigan Environmental Council, the state chapter of Environment America and Mason-based manufacturer Dart Corp.

A new holiday sale in East Lansing

Black Friday was a week ago, but Green Friday is this weekend. It’s East Lansing’s version of the holiday sale. “Got to get some Christmas shopping done,” said Michigan State sophomore and East Lansing resident, Abigail Ording. And that means shopping just in time for the holidays. “I was going to go down to Clever Clover because they just expanded the store, opened it up so I’m going to go check it out,” Ording said.

DeWitt restaurant carries on the tradition of family

Tonia Ireland Ketchum moved out of DeWitt 17 years ago but her son, daughter and only grandchild still reside in the town, and three years ago, Ketchum started a tradition with her 5-year-old granddaughter whenever she came to visit DeWitt. “She and I would come to Family Tree Cafe on Sunday mornings just her and I,” Ketchum said. 

“I would let her stay in her PJ’s and we would leave mommy and daddy home (most of the times) and we would enjoy a fun breakfast.” Family Tree Cafe is a DeWitt located restaurant that treasures the importance of family relationships. Sign inside Family Tree Cafe. Photograph by Nina Felicidario

“I honestly can’t think of any place around that I would be as comfortable doing what we do and I love our little tradition,” Ketchum said.

Sports betting in talks to become legal in the state

In 1992, the Supreme Court ruled all sports betting illegal in most states. In May, they got rid of that law opening the door for a lot of states to explore sports betting, including Michigan. There are now bills going through Lansing to legalize sports betting in the state including online sports betting and fantasy sports betting. Alex McRae is a senior at Michigan State. He plays fantasy football and baseball.

Coffee drinkers willing to pay for more than taste

Cofee connoisseurs appear willing to pay a hefty premium — $1.31 more than the normal $2.51 price for a 12-ounce cup of pour-over joe — for java brewed with beans grown by farmer cooperatives. Increased consumer social consciousness is a factor, according to a new study conducted in a Lansing specialty coffee shop by Michigan State University agricultural economists. For news, business and lifestyle sections. By Eric Freedman.

Henry’s Place in Okemos hosts annual Meridian Cares Benefit

OKEMOS, MICH— The camaraderie and drink-filled fun of a pub will be shared by many Meridian Township residents on Nov. 15. The annual Meridian Cares Benefit has a new home this year at the popular Okemos pub Henry’s Place. 

The night is expected to have karaoke, games and a lot of good food available for those in attendance- all for good cause. Meridian Cares is a program that offers help to residents in difficult situations whether the issue is with finances, accessibility or any other way the community is able to assist. Darla Jackson, a human resources specialist for Meridian Township, is the director of the Meridian Cares program.

DeWitt’s first brewery becomes part of community

It has been over a year since the Looking Glass Brewing Company, located in the heart of DeWitt, opened its doors after some construction delays. Customers say it was worth the wait. 

The Looking Glass Brewery Company. Photograph by Nina Felicidario

“We have visited since the opening day,” customer Michael Butts said. “The number of visits would be impossible to guess, probably twice per month at least.”

Butts have never been disappointed with the service nor the food and beverage. 

The brewery is in a partnership with Big Guys Food to serve food in addition to their handcrafted  beers. Seating area and Big Guys Food kitchen

“I have only been there once so far, but I really liked it,” customer Crystal Stamper said.