Vision to Learn expands, helps Lansing students see success

At a recent  Lansing school board meeting the nationwide nonprofit organization called, Vision to Learn was introduced. Dr. Sue Wheeler presented a health and wellness update and gave a presentation on how Vision to Learn will be participating in the Lansing school district. “This year we are expanding our partnership with Vision to Learn… a nonprofit organization that provides onsite vision screening, vision exams and glasses for students who need them,” Wheeler said. “All are at no cost to our families.

You see it on TV, but you never think it will be you until it is.

Michigan State University is a place full of hope, laughter and of course, green. 

On Feb. 13 families across the country called their MSU students praying that they would answer. My family was one of those families who had to make that call. My name is Rachel Pierson, and I am a junior studying journalism at MSU. On Feb 13.

Lansing residents voice concerns about special land use request

At a recent Lansing city council meeting, a presentation was given by Devon Self Storage representative, Mike Olson gave a presentation to request permission for a special land use permit. Devon Self Storage hoped to build its facility in south Lansing and replace the abandoned Sam’s Club at 340 E. Edgewood Blvd. “We believe that we would be a great tenant to both the strip mall and the community,” Olson said. Olson said the community is underserved by not having enough self storage based on the population. “We took two hours to go knock on doors across the street and ask if they would want self storage at this location,” Olson said.

Lansing Art Gallery Center welcomes everyone

Sarah Hopkins is the gallery coordinator at the Lansing Art Gallery and Education Center  located at 300 S. Washington Square in Lansing, Michigan. 

Hopkins obtained her Bachelor of Fine Arts and a Bachelor of Arts in Humanities from Michigan State University and a certificate in Graphic Design from Lansing Community College. She started out as an intern with the Lansing Art Gallery and Education Center, ultimately leading her to her current position as gallery coordinator. 

The Lansing Art Gallery and Education Center has been around for more than 50 years. The gallery started representing Michigan artists in 1965 and continues to encourage that art is for everyone. Spartan Newsroom Reporter Rachel Pierson spoke with Hopkins to hear more about the role the Lansing Art Gallery and Education Center plays in the Lansing community. Interview Transcript

Rachel Pierson: What role does the Lansing Art Gallery and Education Center play in the Lansing community?