You see it on TV, but you never think it will be you until it is.

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Michigan State University is a place full of hope, laughter and of course, green. 

On Feb. 13 families across the country called their MSU students praying that they would answer.

My family was one of those families who had to make that call.

My name is Rachel Pierson, and I am a junior studying journalism at MSU. On Feb 13. Every Spartan will remember exactly where they were when our campus life was shattered.

I was at a city council meeting in Lansing when the shooter entered Berkley Hall. The mayor, Andy Schor, paused the meeting to look into the camera and alert the public of the active shooter on Michigan State’s campus.

Sitting in the meeting, my heart dropped as I knew my life was about to change forever.

The meeting ended and as I attempted to head back to my apartment, my phone was buzzing with texts and calls from loved ones wondering where I was and if I was safe. No one can prepare you for this fear to become your reality.

I was continuously stopped because of the numerous police heading to campus. As I was about to turn the corner into my apartment complex, it was immediately blocked by police as every street of campus was on lockdown. I made the choice that I had to drive to my hometown at that moment.

My drive home was more than a heartbreak as my eyes were full of tears, my hands were shaking and my ears were ringing from sirens. The hour drive home to my family was bittersweet.

My heart hurts for those who were waiting to hear from loved ones, for the international students who couldn’t go home and for those who won’t see their loved ones again.

I took the rest of the week to ground myself again and remember all those who were injured and killed through senseless acts of gun violence. I held on to my friends and family like I never had before. 

“Run hide fight” are words all Spartans will remember forever. 

No one signed up for this trauma. No one goes to school to be traumatized. 

If change doesn’t happen now, what school is next? How many more lives will be lost? 

If you would like to help those impacted by the Feb. 13 mass shooting at MSU click here

Spartans and community members honor Feb. 13 victims through spartan statue.
Map of MSU campus and locations of the Feb. 13 shooting.

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