Success in the Press Podcast: Mitch Albom

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In a recent podcast episode, I had the privilege of speaking with Mitch Albom, a distinguished journalist, best-selling author, and philanthropist, shedding light on his career journey, his perspective on the future of journalism, and advice for aspiring journalists.

Albom’s Journalism Journey

Mitch Albom embarked on his writing journey as a freelance journalist, driven by curiosity and a drive to explore unconventional paths. His stories of venturing where others haven’t paved the way for his success. After pursuing a graduate degree in journalism, he became a full-time writer, eventually becoming a nationally acclaimed sports journalist at the Detroit Free Press.

While his background is in sports reporting, Albom transitioned into more narrative storytelling with novels such as his international bestseller, ‘Tuesdays with Morrie.’ Albom attributes his growth as a writer to his time as a sports journalist, because of his ability to work on deadlines and self-edit.

The Future of Journalism

Mitch has expressed concerns about the evolving landscape of journalism.

“I think there’s a lot of people getting into the field who just want to express their opinion, but there don’t seem to be a lot of people getting into the field who want to do a lot of hard leg work to dig up the facts and really get to the bottom of the truth and present both sides and be fair and balanced,” he said.

Beyond journalism, Albom’s philanthropic work, including his nonprofit organization SAY Detroit, which supports underserved citizens in Detroit and operates a home and school in Haiti, highlights his commitment to making a positive impact on the world.

Advice to Young Journalists

He encourages students and young professionals to start their careers at smaller organizations, where they can gain diverse experiences, emphasizing that the size of the organization should not be a primary concern.

“Never worry about how big a place you’re working for when you start out or how much money you’re making,” he said. “Always go where you can do the most.”

He also emphasizes the importance of finding offbeat stories that “go into the corners where other people aren’t.”

Additionally, he wants young professionals to make sure that they are going into journalism with the desire to tell stories of our time. He distinguishes between being a journalist and a performer, cautioning against pursuing a career in journalism as a step to achieving fame.
Recently, Albom released his new book, “A Little Liar.” For more information on Mitch Albom and his latest projects, visit

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