Woman applies hair coloring.

Barber shops and salons get cut during coronavirus pandemic

Gov. Gretchen Whitmer issued a statewide shelter-in-place order on Monday, March 23, ordering all “non-essential” businesses to be closed. One category of businesses deemed non-essential included barbershops and hair salons. That put state residents on their own for hair grooming for the foreseeable future.

Family eats pizza at home

Coronavirus changes model for restaurant business

With the coronavirus pandemic reaching the United States, restaurants have been required to allow only carryout and delivery orders, drastically changing the landscape of the restaurant business. This has caused a shortage of work for some people and opportunity for others. “Business is booming,” said Konrad Nawrot, an MSU student and DoorDash driver said. “There’s more peak pays now because more people are ordering.”

However, due to the virus, delivery drivers are forced to take extra steps to ensure cleanliness that slows down the process. “Pick up and drop off are much harder because no contact is allowed,” Nawrot said.

Campbell’s Market Basket grabs East Lansing’s attention

Ken Campbell has lived in East Lansing his entire life. A graduate of East Lansing High School and Michigan State University, Campbell used his connections with local farmers to open up Campbell’s Market Basket, East Lansing’s only locally owned and sourced market.

Advertisement outside of Newman Lofts, East Lansing's first residence exclusively for people ages 55 and older.

East Lansing’s Newman Lofts have amenities, seek tenants

Retirement is a relaxing time for people. After a long career of hard work, couples ride off into the sunset and move to luxurious condos or houses in sunny Florida, California, or … East Lansing? “Newman Lofts are East Lansing’s first 55+ only living option,” Newman employee Mae Holdwick said. “If younger people apply, they won’t be getting a lease right now.”

With construction finishing up in Fall 2019, the Newman Lofts are hard to miss. Located in the heart of East Lansing, the Lofts offer some of the best amenities of any apartment complex on campus.