East Lansing’s Newman Lofts have amenities, seek tenants

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Advertisement outside of Newman Lofts, East Lansing's first residence exclusively for people ages 55 and older.

John Dolan

Advertisement outside of Newman Lofts, East Lansing's first residence exclusively for people ages 55 and older.

Retirement is a relaxing time for people. After a long career of hard work, couples ride off into the sunset and move to luxurious condos or houses in sunny Florida, California, or … East Lansing?

“Newman Lofts are East Lansing’s first 55+ only living option,” Newman employee Mae Holdwick said. “If younger people apply, they won’t be getting a lease right now.”

With construction finishing up in Fall 2019, the Newman Lofts are hard to miss. Located in the heart of East Lansing, the Lofts offer some of the best amenities of any apartment complex on campus.

“We wanted to make a place for people looking to be in the central hub of East Lansing,” Holdwick said. “Sports and restaurants are all walking distance, and we have both indoor and outdoor amenities including our outdoor patio.”

Despite all that it offers to residents, the Newman Lofts have not exactly taken off in terms of leases signed.

“We are nowhere near full capacity right now,” Holdwick said. “However, we expect it to begin filling up by springtime because our leases are year-long and that provides the best opportunity to experience all four seasons.”

Others located nearby don’t share her optimism.

“I don’t think people of that age group are interested in living here,” Aidan Hayford, employee of a business across the street said. “It’s loud and located near all the bars on campus. They’ll probably say it’s 55+ only for a year or two and then they’ll open it up to students.”

Patrons of The Residences across the street are disappointed with the Newman Lofts development because it blocks their views.

“People here are very upset with the Newman Lofts,” said MSU senior Jack Goheen. “Previous years when I would visit here, I would look out the glass windows to see a beautiful view of campus and the football stadium. The view is what sold me on living here, and now it’s gone.”

Students echoed concerns about how older people would enjoy living in the area.

“I don’t think the idea of 55+ living makes sense anywhere,” Goheen said. “Especially not in an area with all the bars.”

Some have positive thoughts about  the building, but are skeptical of if it will be successful.

“I think East Lansing is just looking to build more of a community,” said Chris Back, barista of Foster Coffee Company located underneath Newman Lofts. “I think they are trying to mesh the older crowd with the young, vibrant college crowd, which I like the idea of but am just not sure if there truly is a market for.”

The Newman Lofts join The Hub, Landmark, and Abbot as new, luxurious high-rise apartment complexes on campus.

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