Bird and Lime scooters take over East Lansing area

In the fall of 2018, Bird and Lime scooters mysteriously appeared on Michigan State University’s campus and in East Lansing. “I think they were dropped by UFO and one morning they were just there,” East Lansing Mayor Mark Meadows said. “I don’t remember the exact date but in the fall they dropped them off in the city and on campus.” Where did they come from? Bird Scooters were dropped off by Bird Rides Inc., which is an electric-scooter sharing service which allows residents with an alternative mode of transportation.

MSU junior “can’t trust politicians.”

As soon as 20-year-old Treasure Duncan was asked about her voter registration status in Brody Hall, she asked, “Are you going to try and get me to register?” Duncan was expecting one of the student groups who roam the Michigan State University campus seeking to register people, who are often living away from their hometowns. “It’s pretty annoying,” said Duncan, a communication junior. “Every time I see them, I almost immediately try and go the other way.” Duncan admits she is not registered to vote and currently isn’t interested in registering.