Erasing the stigma around fraternities    

EAST LANSING, Mich. – Stereotypes and misconceptions of Greek life live in many people’s minds, but the members of Sigma Alpha Mu, Sammy, have shared their stories to help erase the stigma. 

“A large chunk of becoming a man and talking like a man and acting like one comes through the support of the boys,” Michael Barry said. “They really build your confidence a lot more and you appreciate the confidence that they give you more than a lot of people in your own life, even your own family.” 

Barry is a sophomore human geography student at Michigan State University. He rushed Sammy this past fall semester. 

“They kept texting me and on a fateful Tuesday, said ‘Hi, this is Kyle from Sammy. Come over here’,” Barry said.

How middle schoolers in Okemos are finding their place in the world

EAST LANSING, Mich. – Matt Prinz began the seventh and eighth-grade Montessori program in the Okemos Public School District and has continued to be a mentor for teachers joining the program. Prinz is a science and social studies teacher at Chippewa 7-8 School and began the program alongside Josh Coty who has since retired. The idea of implementing a Montessori program at Okemos began with a group of parents. “They did a little research, a little study, some of the parents went to the school board,” Prinz said.

Lansing City Council adds tribute to the 2024 Pastor’s Salute

LANSING, Mich. – Councilwoman Tamera Carter presented a tribute to the 2024 Pastor’s Salute to Cathy Morgan, founder and CEO of the Divine Connection, at the Lansing City Council meeting on Feb 12. 

“Not only celebrating spiritual leaders but also reinforcing the bonds that hold communities together,” Carter said when presenting the tribute. “The Lansing City Council hereby wish to recognize the 2024 Pastor Salute in honoring Lansing’s pastors for their dedication in the community. We celebrate their triumphs as leaders, mentors and motivators. Congratulations pastors, we wish you continued success in your efforts.” 

Being able to receive this tribute meant a lot to Morgan. 

“I was just like ‘oh my god’,” Morgan said.

Trader Joe’s Okemos sees long-awaited progress after challenges

EAST LANSING, Mich. – The long-awaited Okemos Trader Joe’s is now halfway through installing the steel and exterior walls after supply chain and building permit issues stalled what has been in the making since 2021. “They finished the parking lot before winter hit, so they could build during the winter and obviously a lot of exterior stuff to do in the spring, but they’re moving right along at this point,” said Tim Schmitt, Meridian Township community planning and development director.  

On Dec. 8, 2021, Meridian Township held a Zoning Board of Appeals meeting.