Lansing City Council adds tribute to the 2024 Pastor’s Salute

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LANSING, Mich. – Councilwoman Tamera Carter presented a tribute to the 2024 Pastor’s Salute to Cathy Morgan, founder and CEO of the Divine Connection, at the Lansing City Council meeting on Feb 12. 

“Not only celebrating spiritual leaders but also reinforcing the bonds that hold communities together,” Carter said when presenting the tribute. “The Lansing City Council hereby wish to recognize the 2024 Pastor Salute in honoring Lansing’s pastors for their dedication in the community. We celebrate their triumphs as leaders, mentors and motivators. Congratulations pastors, we wish you continued success in your efforts.” 

Being able to receive this tribute meant a lot to Morgan. 

“I was just like ‘oh my god’,” Morgan said. “‘Is this for real?’ I was pinching myself.” 

The Pastor’s Salute is a chance for people to say thank you for all the things their pastors have done for them. It gives them a chance to “salute” their pastors for things like buying groceries for someone when they are down, visiting the hospital if you are sick, or if a loved one dies they’re at a funeral home with you helping you make the arrangements. 

To give things people can write a note via e-mail, a written note or send in a card. Sometimes the cards sent have money or gift cards in them. Occasionally people will bring gifts on the day, Morgan explained. 

“This event, we have no preaching,” Morgan said. “It’s just a day to fellowship and show them that we honor them and appreciate all the work that they have done down through the years.”

Every year, the Pastor’s Salute tries to get senators to make an appearance. Sen. Debbie Stabenow has been in attendance at almost all of the Pastor’s Salutes. This year they sold out tickets for the 2024 Pastor’s Salute with 35 pastors and their spouses planning to attend. 

The 2024 Pastor’s Salute was held on Feb. 17 at the Kellogg Hotel and Conference Center.

Morgan has been running the Divine Collection since 1999. Before the Divine Collection, Morgan worked as the secretary of the church, a public relations director and a radio announcer.

“I’ve always worked in the church,” Morgan said. “People have always called me for information. Either pastors that are trying to connect in the city or they want to bring in gospel artists.”

The name, Divine Connection, comes from how Morgan has good relationships with people.

The Divine Collection has the Kattie M. Wills Trailblazer scholarship that is available for high school graduates who will be attending college. Divine is looking to give scholarships anywhere from $300 to $500. To apply, visit

Wills is Morgan’s grandmother. She lived until 102 years old and was the church mother in Lansing at the Church of God in Christ for 55 years. Morgan was with her grandmother reading scripture when she passed.

“You could feel the room and just a real calmness about it,” Morgan said. “I thought she was looking to see if that was me at the bottom of the bed. After she did that I said ‘Grandma I’m here, ain’t gone nowhere.’ After that, she closed her eyes with a smile and died.” 

Wills passed away at her home because she was still active even at the age of 102. Something that has stuck with Morgan that Wills said to her was that she felt bad she couldn’t get on her knees and pray anymore. 

“I said, ‘Grandma, you can pray from that bed’”, Morgan said. “‘‘Every morning you pray from 6 in the morning, at 11 night. I’m sure the Lord would understand.’” 

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