Younger voters have impact on Election Day

As absentee voters turned out in numbers weeks before the 2022 general election, many wondered how this would affect the in-person voter turnout. Election officials and precinct chairs in Ingham County, Michigan, said that their days have been slow or mild to start, but turnout was projected to be the same after all is said and done. In recent years, younger voters have been turning out in large numbers, and on Michigan State University’s campus, that was the case.

Concerns over Ingham County Fair raised to commission

Concerns regarding the Ingham County Fair were brought to the Ingham County Board of Commissioners attention during the public comment portion of the meeting on Nov. 7. 

Edward Forrest, the board president for the east side community actions center,  asked the board for a better breakdown of guidelines for what is needed to participate in the fair. He said a stronger publication of activities prior to the fair would help reach more people. Forrest explained that individuals wish for activities to be published prior to be aware if there is anything of interest to them.

The scoop on Mason’s Daily Scoop

Shawn Sodman gets a kick out of owning Mason’s he Daily Scoop

White and black checkered floors, blue walls trimmed in red tell you that you are walking into a place frozen in time from the ’90s, although Mason’s Daily Scoop ice cream store opened in 2011. 

Shawn Sodman, 50, moved to Mason from Dansville in 2005. The Daily Scoop was a different ice cream shop for four years prior to Shawn Sodman taking over. 

“It was Turtle Tom’s before. One winter when he closed up for the season, I noticed there was a ‘for lease’ sign on the door,” Sodman says. Sodman says he told Tom he was very interested in the building. Within one weekend Sodman arranged to lease it. 

Sodman says the business has grown since opening.