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Shawn Sodman gets a kick out of owning Mason’s he Daily Scoop

White and black checkered floors, blue walls trimmed in red tell you that you are walking into a place frozen in time from the ’90s, although Mason’s Daily Scoop ice cream store opened in 2011. 

Shawn Sodman, 50, moved to Mason from Dansville in 2005.

The Daily Scoop was a different ice cream shop for four years prior to Shawn Sodman taking over. 

“It was Turtle Tom’s before. One winter when he closed up for the season, I noticed there was a ‘for lease’ sign on the door,” Sodman says.

Sodman says he told Tom he was very interested in the building. Within one weekend Sodman arranged to lease it. 

Sodman says the business has grown since opening. He credits, in part, festivals and concerts across the street at the courthouse. Sodman says he enjoys watching these events and the people that come in. 

One reason Sodman loves the shop is because of community feedback. 

“I always get a kick out of it. Whenever I go to Meijer for bananas or milk or whatever it is I have to get, little kids will say ‘Hey mom, that’s the ice-cream guy!’ and that is one of the sweetest things. It’s good for me.” 

Karen and Bob Johnson live in Okemos and say they come to The Daily Scoop often.

“It’s close by and has good ice cream! Mason is a laid back-community,” says Bob Johnson. 

“When we come here, Bob buys pasta down the road and then we get our ice cream,” says Karen Johnson. “I like the idea of being in a small town.”

Sodman says his favorite moments are when the business stays open all night for certain events. The parlor stays open later to give people a place to use the restroom or grab a coffee. He says he has pulled all nighters for these events, which are exhausting but fun.

“I remember when I was a kid I went to the parlor in Jackson. That was the age I realized I wanted to own an ice cream shop,” Sodman says. 

He says he officially bought the building this year and there will be renovations. 

“I am very thankful and happy to be a part of such a good community. I am supportive of the town.” 

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