A life without plastic straws

Plastic straws are everywhere and there’s talk of getting rid of them. Recycling Center Operations Manager, Sean Barton, thinks its a good first step. “They’re designed for single use,” Barton said. “It ends up on the side of the road or on the land fill and we don’t really know how long it takes to break down.” 

But that one single use might be important to people who live in retirement communities such as Burcham Hills. 

Burcham Hills dining room attendant, Chama Maweja, says this facility definitely needs straws. “I don’t think we can work efficiently without them,” she said.

Rodeo World changes a life

A city girl trades dirt for concrete and asphalt every chance she gets. “Everyone wants to know how did I get into this sport because I am black,” Animal Science junior, Khalilah Smith, said. 

Smith said she got into the Rodeo World because her mom was trying to find something to suppress her ADHD. “And that actually brought my grades up, my attitude skyrocketed, and in class, I was more attentive,” she said. Smith has grown to love the sport and her horse so much, she’s a little bit of herself within. “Blue is kind of like my hungry fat self, he’s like I see food, I’m gonna go get food,” Smith said.

Living as a minority in Grand Ledge

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