CNS budget, Feb. 23, 2024

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CNS BUDGET Feb. 23, 2024 – Week 5

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EDITORS: MSU SPRING BREAK AHEAD: MSU will be on spring break, so there will be no CNS file on Friday, March 1. We will resume on Friday, March 8.

Here’s your file:

CRIME GUNS: Dozens of Michigan businesses are on a national list of stores that sell the most guns used in crimes, highlighting what gun control advocates say is an unaddressed part of violence prevention. Many are in Metro Detroit and the Grand Rapids and Flint areas, including one in Wyoming. We talk to an ex-ATF agent affiliated with a Crimestoppers group in Genesee County and with two gun control advocacy groups. By Theo Scheer. FOR DETROIT, GREENVILLE, WKTV AND ALL POINTS.

TOBACCO MONEY: Michigan isn’t doing well in its anti-tobacco initiatives and spending, the American Lung Association says. The governor wants to boost spending, and some lawmakers want tighter controls over the sale of tobacco products. We talked to Health & Human Services, the Michigan unit of the American Cancer Society and an East Lansing lawmaker. Includes references to anti-tobacco programs by groups in Detroit and Grand Rapids and legislators from Metro Detroit and Flint. By Liz Nass. FOR DETROIT, GRAND RAPIDS BUSINESS, GREENVILLE, LANSING CITY PULSE, WKTV AND ALL POINTS.

w/TOBACCO MONEY PHOTO SINGH: Sen. Sam Singh, D-East Lansing, is one of the sponsors of pending legislation to tighten control over tobacco sales to minors.

RIDE-ALONG: A Capital News Service reporter sees the nitty-gritty on a ride-along with a state trooper from the Lansing Post. Encounters included a man with a revoked license who was wanted on outstanding warrants, a woman ticketed for talking on her cell phone and a military veteran stopped for running a stop sign. By Owen McCarthy. FOR LANSING CITY PULSE AND ALL POINTS.

w/RIDE-ALONG PHOTO SEARCH 1: Trooper David Versin searches the driver he initially pulled over for having expired tags and later arrested on an outstanding warrant in a drug case. Credit: Owen McCarthy

w/RIDE-ALONG PHOTO SEARCH 2: The arrested man is searched again, this time by a local police officer who would take him to court. Credit: Owen McCarthy

w/RIDE-ALONG PHOTO PARKED: Trooper David Versin parks his patrol car in Crandell Park in Charlotte, which he said is a nighttime hangout where local teenagers sometimes go drinking. Credit: Owen McCarthy. 

PRIVATE PRESIDENTS: How well paid are the presidents of Michigan’s largest private colleges and universities with annual budgets of $100 million or more? We look at Hope, Hillsdale, University of Detroit Mercy and the Homer Stryker School of Medicine at Western Michigan University. They made between $1,137,144 and $306,993 in 2021, according to a new analysis by the Chronicle of Higher Education. Story also references Baker College with its five campuses. We talk to a U-D Mercy faculty leader, the Hope student body president and a national expert. By Alex Walters. FOR HOLLAND, HILLSDALE, DETROIT, GRAND RAPIDS BUSINESS, CADILLAC AND ALL POINTS.

w/PRESIDENTS’ PAYTABLE: Salaries of the presidents of four private colleges in Michigan. Source: Chronicle of Higher Education

TUBERCULOSIS: The number of TB cases diagnosed in the state rose last year compared to 2022, the latest Department of Health and Human Services data shows. The department says there’s no need to worry because annual fluctuations are normal. Wayne, Oakland and Macomb counties had the most cases. By Anish Topowala. FOR DETROIT AND ALL POINTS.


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