CNS budget, Oct. 14, 2022

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Week 6 – 10/14/22

CNS Budget

To: CNS Editors

From: David Poulson and Judy Putnam

Welcome to the sixth CNS file of the 2022 fall semester. 

For technical problems, contact CNS technical manager Eryn Ho at (616) 485-9295,

For other matters, contact Dave Poulson at (517) 899-1640;

Here is your file:

EMOTIONAL SUPPORT ANIMALS: University housing officials and off-campus landlords are alarmed about fake certification letters that are boosting the state’s number of emotional support animals. Lawmakers are considering a bill that would better limit who issues the certification for emotional support animals letters. We talk to officials at Northern Michigan University and Wayne State University and an official with a statewide landlord group. By Sarah Atwood FOR DETROIT, LANSING CITY PULSE, MARQUETTE, GRAND RAPIDS BUSINESS and ALL POINTS. 

STUDENT TEACHERS: To address the teacher shortage, Michigan will offer $10,000 in tuition help to 2,500 aspiring educators and pay student teachers $9,600 a semester. The changes are aimed at increasing the pipeline of teachers in Michigan. We speak to the head of the MEA, an MSU education student and MSU College of Education official. By Janelle James. FOR LANSING CITY PULSE and ALL POINTS.

MINING: Mining reclamation projects, such as creating a safety barrier between an abandoned mine and a hiking trail, could get a boost under legislation proposed by a Marquette lawmaker. But one big problem: The money would be diverted from education. The proposed Metallic Mineral Mine Reclamation Fund would be used to fill tunnels, shafts and entryways of land that had previously been used for mining. We talk to the Sierra Club, the Michigan League of Conservation Voters and the Michigan Education Association. By Liam Jackson. FOR MARQUETTE, BAY MILLS, IRON MOUNTAIN, ST. IGNACE and ALL POINTS.

RESTAURANT INSPECTIONS: Of the 45 health departments across the state, only one is moving toward a color-coded grading system for restaurants, similar to one used across the nation, officials say. A Detroit City Council member recently introduced the proposed ordinance after several incidents involving rodents in restaurants across the city. It would require businesses to notify customers of the status of their inspections by posting color-coded signs on the door. We talk to the director of the Michigan Association for Local Public Health, a Detroit City Council member, and the health directors in Washtenaw and Macomb counties. By Janelle James. FOR DETROIT, LANSING CITY PULSE, CORP! and ALL POINTS.

ROUGE RIVER: The Rouge River was so polluted by the 1980s that it emitted a rotten egg smell and a young man who fell into the river later died from rat fever. A new book, “Rouge River Rescued,” details the back story of how a Southeast Michigan community rescued one of the most polluted rivers in America. Co-editors Jim Hartig and James Graham look at the bottom-up efforts, including an annual river clean up day, that might be replicated in other communities. By Anastasia Pirrami. FOR MONROE, DETROIT,  DETROIT PLANET, MICHIGAN FARM NEWS and all points.

W/ROUGE RIVER BOOK COVER: The cover of “Rouge River Revived.” Credit: Courtesy photo.

w/ROUGE RIVER JOHN HARTIG: “Rouge River Revived” co-editor John Hartig recalls his days as a high school student when the polluted Rouge caught fire.  Credit: Doug Coombe.

w/ROUGE RIVER JIM GRAHAM: “Rouge River Revived” co-editor Jim Graham is a former Detroit News reporter and editor and former executive director of Friends of the Rouge. Credit: Courtesy photo.

NATIONAL PARK GRANTS: The National Park Foundation has just awarded $1.7 million to grassroots groups that promote and serve national parks, including the North Country Trail Association headquartered in Lowell. The Michigan portion crosses southern-central and western parts of the state and spans most of the U.P. By Vladislava Sukhanovskaya. FOR CADILLAC, HILLSDALE, WKTV, HOLLAND, LUDINGTON, MANISTEE, BIG RAPIDS, CRAWFORD COUNTY, CHEBOYGAN, TRAVERSE CITY, PETOSKEY, HARBOR SPRINGS, LUDINGTON, TRAVERSE CITY, SAULT STE. MARIE, St. IGNACE, MARQUETTE, BAY MILLS, IRON MOUNTAIN and ALL POINTS.

w/NATIONAL PARK GRANTS MAP: Image: North Country Trail Association.

GERALD FORD COMMENTARY: When Gerald Ford, who represented the Grand Rapids area in Congress, became GOP president in 1974, the nation was in agony after the corruption of the Nixon White House and the trauma of the Vietnam War. Ford’s tenure was unspectacular as he wrestled with still-familiar problems such as inflation and international conflicts. He endured no crises that created major conflict with the press – and thus earned only two short references in a new book on press-presidential clashes during crises. For news and opinion sections. By Eric Freedman. FOR WKTV, HOLLAND, LANSING CITY PULSE, DETROIT and ALL POINTS.

w/GERALD FORD COVER: Cover of  “Clash: Presidents and the Press in Times of Crisis.” Credit: Potomac Books.

w/GERALD FORD PHOTO: Gerald Ford of Grand Rapids is the only president from Michigan. Credit:


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