CNS budget, April 1, 2022

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April 1, 2022, CNS Budget — Week 10

To: CNS Editors

From: Eric Freedman and Judy Putnam

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GOLF PROGRAMS: Golf courses have become busier during the COVID-19 pandemic, but fewer students are opting for bachelor’s degrees in golf course management at Ferris State, which offers the state’s only such program. That could put a crimp on small and medium-sized courses unable to hire enough professional staff. The state Golf Course Superintendents Association says there are job openings, for example, in Kent, Ingham, Mackinac, Charlevoix and Ottawa Counties. We talk to the head of the Ferris program and the head of MSU’s turf grass management program. By Jack Falinski. FOR BIG RAPIDS, GRAND RAPIDS BUSINESS, DETROIT, PETOSKEY, CHEBOYGAN, ST. IGNACE, HOLLAND, WKTV, LANSING CITY PULSE, CORP!, MICHIGAN FARM NEWS and ALL POINTS.

MOVEMENT TRACKERS: The Corrections Department plans to use electronic tracking devices to monitor the movement of inmates in state prisons. The Livingston County Jail already uses them, and the Grand Traverse County Jail plans to do the same. We also hear from the American Friends Service Committee and a Huron Valley Correctional Facility inmate who criticize the initiative and the Michigan Corrections Organization, which backs it but has questions. By Hope O’Dell. FOR FOWLERVILLE, IONIA, MARQUETTE, DETROIT, GREENVILLE, SAULT STE. MARIE, COLDWATER, ADRIAN, BLISSFIELD, MANISTEE, LANSING CITY PULSE and ALL POINTS.

w/MOVEMENT TRACKERS PHOTO: Department of Corrections Director Heidi Washington wants to require inmates to wear electronic bracelets. Credit: Department of Corrections

WOMEN BUSINESSES: Michigan ranked 9th in the country for new business loan applications, according to a recent study. Michigan Women Forward, an organization that helps women and people of color receive business loans, has seen a “two-fold” increase in approved loans over the last year, and currently has over 200 in progress. We also talk to the Small Business Association of Michigan and a Black female business owners in Detroit and Oak Park. For news and business sections. By Lindsay M. McCoy. FOR GRAND RAPIDS BUSINESS, DETROIT, CORP! and ALL POINTS.

UNPAID FEES: Unpaid fees keep many low-income students from earning their degrees when their college or university bars them from enrolling while their debt remains. Oakland University has dropped all fees, and Oakland, U-M Dearborn, Henry Ford Community College and Wayne State participate in a program to help such students return to any of their institutions. We also hear from the Michigan Association of State Universities and an MSU student from DeWitt who says dealing with college costs is more difficult than her coursework. By Hope O’Dell. FOR DETROIT, BIG RAPIDS, SAULT STE. MARIE, LANSING CITY PULSE, MARQUETTE, SAULT STE. MARIE, IRON MOUNTAIN, GRAND RAPIDS BUSINESS, STURGIS, THREE RIVERS, GREENVILLE and ALL POINTS.

DNR SOCIAL MEDIA: The Department of Natural Resources has revived its popular weekly popular Facebook series “IdentiFriday” that asks participants to guess the species of a plant or animal based on a small portion of a picture. The correct answer is then posted with the full photo later in the day. The department’s social media administrator, who studied zoology and communications at Northern Michigan University, explains that it’s both a learning tool and fun. By Gabrielle Ahlborn. FOR ALL POINTS.

w/DNR SOCIAL MEDIA WARBLER: Original IdentiFriday post from Jan. 28 with over 500 comments,, with many guessing Kirtland’s warbler instead of mourning warbler. Credit: Department of Natural Resources

w/DNR SOCIAL MEDIA POSSUM NAILS: This original IdentiFriday post from Feb. 18 received over 900 comments. The correct answer was opossum. Credit: Department of Natural Resources

w/DNR SOCIAL MEDIA OPOSSUM: This original IdentiFriday post from Feb. 18 received over 900 comments. Pictured is an opossum. Credit: Department of Natural Resources


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