Freshmen skip dorm experience for off-camus living

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When the pandemic hit, only 2,000 students were allowed to live on campus instead of the regular 1,500.

With Michigan State recommending students to stay home, most freshmen have not had the traditional college experience. But some freshmen made the decision to live near campus while still feeling at home.

“Usually you meet people in the dorms,” Nayna Chhabria, a freshman at Michigan State, said.

Nayna knew she couldn’t live in a dorm, and she knew she may get homesick. Her sister, Aashka, had an idea.

“My sister was upset about the dorms closing,” Aashka Chhabria, a senior a Michigan State, said.

So, after Aashka’s roommate decided to stay at home. …

“I said, you can take the other room. Sublease it from the other girl,” Aashka said.

Nayna moved in. To her new home, away from home.

Aashka already knows where she’ll be moving next year after graduation. And her freshman sister did want to get the dorm experience, but after living in an apartment. …

“I’ll probably stay off campus. I don’t think I’ll really go into the dorms after being in an apartment,” Nayna said.

And it’s working out.

Living with her sister, Nayna has had help branching out and. …

“She helped me get used to my classes,” Nayna said.

Aashka said, “It just feels like we’re at home.”

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