CNS budget, Sept. 11, 2020

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From: David Poulson and Judy Putnam

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NOTE: This is the first file of the fall 2020 semester

WELCOME: To new copydesk chief Judy Putnam who is taking over from Sheila Schimpf and to new technology manager Eryn Ho who is taking over from Tony Cepak. Many of you may know Judy as a longtime journalist who worked many years in Lansing as a columnist at the Lansing State Journal and as a capital reporter for Booth Newspapers. Eryn is a senior majoring in photojournalism and animal science.

Here is your file:

CARSEATS – Safety advocates want to put more children in car seats under proposed legislation that has been stalled for years. Last year, 4,544 children ages 14 and under were injured in Michigan traffic accidents. Of those, 43 died. But car injuries are the second-highest preventable injuries in children. We talk to a Grand Rapids injury prevention expert and the director of the Michigan Chapter for the American Academy of Pediatrics. The bill is cosponsored by a Grand Rapids lawmaker. By Megan Castleberry FOR GRAND RAPIDS, LANSING AND ALL POINTS. 

CDCEVICTIONBAN– Half a million Michigan families could risk eviction by the end of the year without financial help from the federal government, housing advocates say. One in every five Michigan rental households have fallen behind on their payments because of the COVID-19 pandemic, according to the Michigan League for Public Policy. And 242,000 Michigan children are in families that haven’t been able to keep up with rent or get enough to eat. The U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention recently ordered a ban on evicting low-income tenants who cannot pay their rent because of COVID-19. The order is effective until the end of the year, but it doesn’t relieve tenants from paying back rent that they owe landlords.  By Zholdas Orisbayev FOR LANSING AND ALL POINTS

w/CDCEVICTIONBAN PHOTO– Cutline: Volunteers from the Lansing Tenant Union protest recently in front of a Lansing house where a tenant is at risk of eviction. Some tenants do not qualify for protection under an eviction ban issued by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. Credit: Zholdas Orisbayev 

SCHOOLMENTALHEALTH– Some school officials report that going back to the classrooms helps improve student mental health. The face-to-face interaction is a relief for many during the pandemic. With interviews from officials in Manistee, Detroit and Hart. By Tasia Bass FOR ALL POINTS

LIBRARIES – COVID-19 may have kept library patrons from spending hours browsing the stacks for new reads, but Michigan librarians are busy quarantining books, shipping them to eager readers and finding ways to innovate to serve the public safely. New ways of using the library such as “grab-and-go” trips are planned. We spoke to library workers in Grand Rapids, Detroit and East Lansing. By Taylor Haelterma. FOR GRAND RAPIDS, LANSING AND ALL POINTS. 

W/LIBRARYPHOTO: Patrons that walk up to a Grand Rapids Library kiosk are asked to wear masks. Image: Grand Rapids Public Library

WOLF ISLAND: When L. David Mech arrived at Isle Royale in 1959, he had no idea he would pioneer the nation’s longest-running prey-predator study, one that would become a model for wildlife biologists around the world. Nor did he likely expect to eat beaver brains or loon there. His new memoir tells of his first three summers and three winters at one of the country’s most remote national parks. We talk to Mech and a Michigan Tech professor who is now a leading wolf-moose researcher. By Eric Freedman. FOR MARQUETTE, BAY MILLS, SAULT STE. MARIE, ST. IGNACE AND ALL POINTS.

    w/WOLF ISLAND PHOTO: L. David Mech. Credit: Wikipedia.

    w/WOLF ISLAND COVER: Credit: University of Minnesota Press.

NATURE TRAIL: There’s a new wilderness bike/hike trail at the Huron County Nature Center, only two hours from northern Metro Detroit and a shorter drive from Flint and Saginaw. For news and outdoors sections. By Jim DuFresne. FOR ALCONA AND ALL POINTS.

w/NATURE TRAIL PHOTO: the Huron County Nature Center is the site of a new wilderness bike/hike trail. Credit: Huron County Nature Center.

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