Gov. Whitmer proposes 45 cent fuel tax increase

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Last week Governor Gretchen Whitmer proposed a 45 cent fuel tax increase to improve Michigan roads. The tax increase is to generate 2.5 billion a year in revenue.

However, many believe the gas tax would do more harm then good.

Senate Majority Leader Mike Shirkey said the gas tax would be too much for the Michigan economy. 

“There is no disputing for needing the investment in roads. The disputes are over how much and how fast,” said Sen. Shirkey. “Both of those dimensions are important because if we do it too fast than it’s more than the appetite of the Michigan citizens can absorb and it creates other unintended consequences.”

The gas tax to fix Michigan roads isn’t a new solution and is proposed by both parties.

The last fuel tax was in 2017 by Gov. Rick Snyder by 26.3 cents per gallon for both gasoline and diesel.

Alex Golin, a Michigan State University student who commutes over an hour to MSU everyday, said he already has a hard time filling up his gas tank.

“I think the cost of tuition and education right now is super expensive. A gas tax would continue to increase that amount,” said Golin.

Bill Conklin, the managing director for the Ingham Country Road Department, said the roads are working hard to fix the roads, but need the funds to do it.

Conklin said the gas tax would help.

“It would be a very large increase for us, it would certainly double maybe triple our current ability to resurface roads,” said Conklin.

We all know how much the roads need to be repaired.

The question is still how much Michigan will pay for them.

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